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18 March 2020 @ 01:48 pm
Welcome ♥  

始めまして、アダヴィタです =]

Hi. I'm Advita =) Find out more about me at
my profile.

Feel free to add me if you're a part of the J-Pop/K-Pop fandom and then we can fan-girl about stuff, [I love making JE related .gifs so keep an eye out for that ;)] , if you feel that we have something in common or you just need someone to talk to =P Just leave a comment on this post with a short introduction [for eg. who you are, where you're from, which JE/K-pop groups you like or who's your favourite JE/K-pop boy etc. or whatever you feel like =P] and I'll add you =)

But I will not add you or I will remove you from my friend-list if:
1. You are racist. I'm an Indian and I've been subjected to racism before. [+ they got my nationality wrong. But that's not the point.]
2. You do not have common courtesy and do not treat other people with respect.
3. You do not leave a proper introduction.

Otherwise, please feel free to add me =)


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Advita: Candy!advita_ady on April 28th, 2010 03:44 pm (UTC)
Heyy =) Well, I think I should thank airairo for that. HAHA, i know a few Indian JE fans...but they're not exactly Eighters :P

Nice to meet you Athu :D I was born in Chennai, lived there for my first 4 years :P [But I'm not Tamilian. But I do watch Tamil movies] Eito's contagious. People should give them more love. Aww Babu-chan XD I love all of them ♥ I LOVE UCHI IFUEGLHDGDHFL -tries to calm down- He's adorable.

Don't worry, I flail a lot too and in the process, I make a lot a spelling mistakes so please excuse me for that :D Yes. I thrive on that too. I can't NOT add you. We were destined to be friends MWAHUAZ.
☆: :Dfuyukoi on April 28th, 2010 03:53 pm (UTC)
I converted a couple irl but they're moving awayyyy from Eito to NEWS and Arashi and Korean boybands ljkasf frustratedddd XD

I live here rn, aana ennodu Tamil rhombave kevalama irrukum, don't worry >.> (Tamil movies make me headdesk more often than not. Don't even get me started about VTV... D:). I looooooove them all way too much. XD I ripped my Countdown DVD so I wouldn't scratch it from watching it over... and over... and over... >.> OMG UCHI I LOVE HIM TO DEATH. LIKE... BURNING. He is flaily and gay and a whore and ljkaf so much love <8

Destiny~~ 8D


Also, Twitter? :D?
Advita: eitoadvita_ady on April 28th, 2010 04:30 pm (UTC)
Kanjani8 is more exciting than NEWS. They're dirtier. I like dirty. HAHA. I'm not going anywhere. I give K8 & NEWS equal attention :D I'm not getting into KPop any time soon.

LOL, my tamil isn't that great either =/ ZOMG. I HATE THEM. But a few Surya movies are exceptions. I really can't stand the dances. I just can't. :O YOU ORDERED THE COUNTDOWN DVD?! :O :O That's so awesome. I understand you. That's what I would have done too :D Uchi's so frikking hot. I LOVED him in YamaNade. I want more Uchi.

Yes, yes, my twitter name is Advita :D HAHA It was actually available =) Yours?
☆: Goaaaaat! XDfuyukoi on April 28th, 2010 05:16 pm (UTC)
I was baited into NEWS a couple of months ago, but... my Eitobias is epic and strong and completely unsubtle. XDv Unf I love their gay *___*

This is sad because I'm half Tamil and I've lived here all my life orz Kollywood makes me crai. Well, so does Bollywood, for that matter. Except maybe stuff like Knnathil Muthamittal or... (I can't remember the last Hindi movie I absolutely loved lol), but feh. Surya movies? Which ones? :D I have... everything since Puzzle, I think \:D/ And it's Yoko week on the calendar~~ (lol I can see his bald spot XD) Have you watched all of Uchi's dramas? Osen was hilarious (even if the ending sucked) XD I liked YamaNade, but I kept going, "MOAR TAKENAGA PRZ D:" at every episode klsaf raaage D: I flail about Uchi and Ryouchi a lot. Maybe too much XD

*stalks* I'm @fuyukoi right now :Dv
Advita: Ohkuraadvita_ady on April 28th, 2010 08:54 pm (UTC)
ZOMG, I LOVE THAT PART OF SHOUNEN CLUB :D I've made a lot of Baru .gifs :P Seriously. I've never once left Eito's side. Never. I'd choose them over NEWS any day.

Ooo half-tamilian? I'm a pure Kannadigan. We used to live in Besant Nagar. We moved around a bit too much XD
Chennai -> Bombay -> Chester, UK -> Bangalore.
Meh, I hardly watch Tamil movies. It's my mum. She's crazy about Surya... and so was I. I've actually met him before ^^ There are so many: Ghajini, Vaaranam Aayiram, Perazhagan. I don't know why people like Kaakha Kaakha so much =/

THAT'S SO COOL. You're parents allow you?! :O So lucky. HAHA I just downloaded the calender. I would love to fund our JE boys one day. HAHA, bald spot. No :( I've bookmarked Osen. I thought he was frikking awesome in YamaNade. I was like "STUPID KAME, GET OUT OF THE WAY, I WANT TAKENAGA AND YUKINOJO. NAO." XD That be good :D Flailing about Uchi/RyoUchi cannot be avoided. It must be done. -goes to drool over them-
☆: Dorks R Us!fuyukoi on April 28th, 2010 09:04 pm (UTC)
I haven't watched it yetttttt klasjfkljf stupid XIIth T___T BUT I WILL. SOON. I've seen .gifs tho and ljksaklf so hilarious. Maru and Subaru are speshul and from another planet XD

I'm half-Tam, half-Mallu. Sort of. Oh cool, I live like fifteen minutes from Bessie! Studied there for a couple of years too :D One of my sisters used to love Surya, so I was amused XD She flailed like crazy, then met him... and then lost all interest XD Kaakha Kaakha was... timepass. Idk, it was okay, but not flail-worthy. Vaaranam Aayiram left me ...-facing post-interval, and I watched Hindi Ghajini first orz Fail self.

Puzzle Ltd (JIGSAW PUZZLE FTW) was a gift, and I bought the rest with New Year's/Diwali/Birthday money XD I have Kito Aya's 1LoT diary too \:D/ Watch Osen omg D: He is epic and flaily and gay (and Mukai Osamu is awesome too *___* As is Aoi Yu!!). I'm... not a huge Tegoshi fan, but klsjklf yes to moar Takenaga! Gay harem episode was one of my favourites for a reason. Did you like Miyao? Shun-chan? :D I fell in loooooove kljsaklf so easy for gay. XD

Advita: gotcha!advita_ady on April 29th, 2010 03:15 am (UTC)
You must watch the Yagi-san episode. Yagi-san be all-knowing. AHAHA, they're both adorable. I wish I could learn their language :D I'm just glad that 10th is over. Just one more round left and then it's collleeegggee.

HAHA, sort of? LOL. I remember, I used to go for skating classes in Besant Nagar XD AHAHA, I met him about 11 years back. I'd won some talent competition and he was the judge. Seriously, after the interval, Vaaranam Aayiram was...weird =/ LOLOL, atleast the HIndi version of Ghajini has a better ending :D

...Lucky. I'm bankrupt right now XD HAHA. But even if I had the money, I wouldn't have been allowed -waiting to turn 18- Yes, I will check out Osen soon =) LOL, I wasn't a Tegoshi fan either. i used to hate him...and then I fell for his bratty-ness. HAHA, Miyao was so funny XD He was so kakkoi in the TFP2 special.

AHAHAHA, I am glad that I have been approved of -bows-