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18 March 2020 @ 01:48 pm
Welcome ♥  

始めまして、アダヴィタです =]

Hi. I'm Advita =) Find out more about me at
my profile.

Feel free to add me if you're a part of the J-Pop/K-Pop fandom and then we can fan-girl about stuff, [I love making JE related .gifs so keep an eye out for that ;)] , if you feel that we have something in common or you just need someone to talk to =P Just leave a comment on this post with a short introduction [for eg. who you are, where you're from, which JE/K-pop groups you like or who's your favourite JE/K-pop boy etc. or whatever you feel like =P] and I'll add you =)

But I will not add you or I will remove you from my friend-list if:
1. You are racist. I'm an Indian and I've been subjected to racism before. [+ they got my nationality wrong. But that's not the point.]
2. You do not have common courtesy and do not treat other people with respect.
3. You do not leave a proper introduction.

Otherwise, please feel free to add me =)


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Advita: Ohkuraadvita_ady on April 28th, 2010 08:54 pm (UTC)
ZOMG, I LOVE THAT PART OF SHOUNEN CLUB :D I've made a lot of Baru .gifs :P Seriously. I've never once left Eito's side. Never. I'd choose them over NEWS any day.

Ooo half-tamilian? I'm a pure Kannadigan. We used to live in Besant Nagar. We moved around a bit too much XD
Chennai -> Bombay -> Chester, UK -> Bangalore.
Meh, I hardly watch Tamil movies. It's my mum. She's crazy about Surya... and so was I. I've actually met him before ^^ There are so many: Ghajini, Vaaranam Aayiram, Perazhagan. I don't know why people like Kaakha Kaakha so much =/

THAT'S SO COOL. You're parents allow you?! :O So lucky. HAHA I just downloaded the calender. I would love to fund our JE boys one day. HAHA, bald spot. No :( I've bookmarked Osen. I thought he was frikking awesome in YamaNade. I was like "STUPID KAME, GET OUT OF THE WAY, I WANT TAKENAGA AND YUKINOJO. NAO." XD That be good :D Flailing about Uchi/RyoUchi cannot be avoided. It must be done. -goes to drool over them-
☆: Dorks R Us!fuyukoi on April 28th, 2010 09:04 pm (UTC)
I haven't watched it yetttttt klasjfkljf stupid XIIth T___T BUT I WILL. SOON. I've seen .gifs tho and ljksaklf so hilarious. Maru and Subaru are speshul and from another planet XD

I'm half-Tam, half-Mallu. Sort of. Oh cool, I live like fifteen minutes from Bessie! Studied there for a couple of years too :D One of my sisters used to love Surya, so I was amused XD She flailed like crazy, then met him... and then lost all interest XD Kaakha Kaakha was... timepass. Idk, it was okay, but not flail-worthy. Vaaranam Aayiram left me ...-facing post-interval, and I watched Hindi Ghajini first orz Fail self.

Puzzle Ltd (JIGSAW PUZZLE FTW) was a gift, and I bought the rest with New Year's/Diwali/Birthday money XD I have Kito Aya's 1LoT diary too \:D/ Watch Osen omg D: He is epic and flaily and gay (and Mukai Osamu is awesome too *___* As is Aoi Yu!!). I'm... not a huge Tegoshi fan, but klsjklf yes to moar Takenaga! Gay harem episode was one of my favourites for a reason. Did you like Miyao? Shun-chan? :D I fell in loooooove kljsaklf so easy for gay. XD

Advita: gotcha!advita_ady on April 29th, 2010 03:15 am (UTC)
You must watch the Yagi-san episode. Yagi-san be all-knowing. AHAHA, they're both adorable. I wish I could learn their language :D I'm just glad that 10th is over. Just one more round left and then it's collleeegggee.

HAHA, sort of? LOL. I remember, I used to go for skating classes in Besant Nagar XD AHAHA, I met him about 11 years back. I'd won some talent competition and he was the judge. Seriously, after the interval, Vaaranam Aayiram was...weird =/ LOLOL, atleast the HIndi version of Ghajini has a better ending :D

...Lucky. I'm bankrupt right now XD HAHA. But even if I had the money, I wouldn't have been allowed -waiting to turn 18- Yes, I will check out Osen soon =) LOL, I wasn't a Tegoshi fan either. i used to hate him...and then I fell for his bratty-ness. HAHA, Miyao was so funny XD He was so kakkoi in the TFP2 special.

AHAHAHA, I am glad that I have been approved of -bows-